Born into a bubble of green and blue,                                                                                             Raised with the world revolved around you.

Now you are grown, bearded and broad,                                                                                              You realise there is only so much we can hoard.

The earth has helped you grow,                                                                                                                     And now we have left it with nothing but sorrow.

This bubble once coloured green and blue,                                                                                           Has lost itself thanks to me and you.

Its inhabitants; birds, bees and trees,                                                                                                   Are dying as fast as the air that you breathe.

How can WE help and what can WE do?                                                                                                     To make this bubble green and blue.

We must start by doing exactly that,                                                                                                  First by acknowledging that this change is a fact.

Then by working together simply as ‘we’,                                                                                                 To make this earth the best it can be.


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