‘This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit’… $15.3 billion to be precise

And that is only the beginning.

Donald Trump infamously tweeted these words in 2014, along with several other remarks on how global warming was ‘created by the Chinese’, and has been ‘proven to be a canard over and over again’.

Hurricanes are known as hydro-meteorological hazards, meaning the likelihood of one occurring can increase or decrease based on the planet’s climactic state. Global warming acts as a catalyst for the formation of a hurricane, due to an increase in moisture in the atmosphere which fuels these hurricanes. Other hydro-meteorological hazards include storms, floods, desertification and drought.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey left Trump asking congress for a staggering $8 billion in reparations. Congress has now granted him $15.3 billion in aid.

Despite his efforts, Trump continues to avoid addressing the real issue at hand. Trump’s appointed administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Scott Pruitt even explicitly claimed that ‘now is not the time to address climate change’. Although aid is undeniably essential, it cannot be overlooked that the two hurricanes, which occurred within a week of each other, need to be addressed with a longterm solution. This means that if those with the power to implement change continue to ignore the scientific facts, then ‘hurricane season’ is only going to become more frequent, more detrimental, and for Trump’s sake, even more costly.

Instead, Trump confronts the issue like a cancer survivor who keeps on smoking. Supplying short term aid is a temporary solution but failing to foresee the longterm consequences of political decisions such as reneging on the Paris Climate Agreement is resulting in a disaster-aid nexus. Trump’s debunking words and careless decisions seems to have come back to haunt him.

World leaders are not to blame for ALL the natural disasters that have recently struck the Americas. The earthquake that tragically hit Mexico on Friday the 8th September 2017 killed at least 36 people. The quake, measuring at 8.2 on the Richter scale, is known as a geophysical hazard, meaning it is related to the movements in the earth’s crust, and is unaffected by global warming. This is scientific fact, and thus we must work to increase aid response. However, according to fact, we can be held accountable for the two vicious hurricanes, Irma and Harvey, that have devastated North America and the Caribbean.

Hurricane Jose is the latest ode to Trump’s ignorance towards global warming. Jose expects to strike on the 10th September, following in the path of Irma.



Born into a bubble of green and blue,                                                                                             Raised with the world revolved around you.

Now you are grown, bearded and broad,                                                                                              You realise there is only so much we can hoard.

The earth has helped you grow,                                                                                                                     And now we have left it with nothing but sorrow.

This bubble once coloured green and blue,                                                                                           Has lost itself thanks to me and you.

Its inhabitants; birds, bees and trees,                                                                                                   Are dying as fast as the air that you breathe.

How can WE help and what can WE do?                                                                                                     To make this bubble green and blue.

We must start by doing exactly that,                                                                                                  First by acknowledging that this change is a fact.

Then by working together simply as ‘we’,                                                                                                 To make this earth the best it can be.


Difficulty exists as a companion to fear,                                                                                      Without which life would be much more dear.                                                                                        I say ‘life’, but really what do we know?                                                                                          Existing, existing, yet full of sorrow.                                                                                              Existence after all, who are we to judge,                                                                                            Born naked, humanity, progressing as sludge.                                                                                  We progress and progress, concerned not of our past.                                                                          Not learning, nor caring, proceeding too fast.                                                                                        I ask myself why, why no-one can see.                                                                                              What we have become, and what we shall be.